Open-source Intelligence. With OSINT Course Giveaway !!

Open-source Intelligence:

So, read full post carefully for get this course.


What Is Active OSINT:

Passive OSINT:

So now I’ll talk about some tools which help you in making better your OSINT techniques and at the
end, I’ll give you a “Android hacking course” for free.

1. Maltego (to gather all information from open-source automatically)

2. Inspy (to gather all information about his/her Instagram profile, stories, etc.)

3. Harvester (to gather information about a network or a host)

4. Metagofll

5. Nmap (to check for open ports, vulnerabilities, etc.)

6. Phoneinfoga (to gather information about phone numbers like his/her ISP, region, country, etc)

7. OSINT framework (to do all things of OSINT except some things like Nmap programs )

How to join the giveaway :


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